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Virar, Maharashtra, India !

Nisarg Organic Biotech – A name you can rely on for continued supply of Vermicompost Fertilizer and Organic Garden Fertilizer.

About Us

C. Muhammad Iqbal opened up business in the agricultural related products in 2005 under the name of Nisarg Organic Biotech® in Vasai, Maharashtra (India). As manufacturer, trader and wholesaler, we serve the agriculture industry with Vermicompost Fertilizer, Organic Garden Fertilizer, Steam Bone Meal Powder, Bone Meal Granules, HDPE Vermi-Bed, Vermiculture, Vermi Wash and much more; that suits all crops, farmer plantation, house gardening and terrace gardening. The buyers from the agriculture industry all over India trust us and depend upon us for continual supply of these product. We deliver properly packaged products at client's site with the help of logistics service providers. Apart from this, being a service provider, we render the best Decompost Technology Services.

Awards & Memberships

The company has achieved many memberships and certifications, which make it stand tall in market for its unique and quality approved products.
  • Organic certification
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • Trade membership
  • GMP product certification
  • MPCB certification

Quality- Main Concern

We help farmers maintain soil structure and fertility by providing organic fertilizers and compost. These fertilizers and compost are prepared using a variety of organic matter. By maintaining the quantity of every organic matter in the production, our production personnel achieves the quality and desired nutrient value. The organic fertilizers provided by us are also rich in nitrogen potassium and phosphorus.

Benefits of Organic Fertilizer & Compost

Using organic fertilizer and compost made by us, the farmers can enhance soil fertility, quality of plants and increase the yield. Unlike conventional farming, organic farming produced non toxic food and is completely safe for environment. The compost is designed to provide essentials to plants, such as air, organic matter, and microorganisms. It prevents plants from pests and diseases. Using organic fertilizers and compost, farmers can preserve the mother lands fertility for years to come.

Infrastructure- Our Backbone

Over the years, as our company grew, so does our facility. With our commitment to continuously invest, we have timely upgraded our production technology and improved basic amenities to provide employees a better and comfortable work environment. Spread over 2 acre area, the facility allows quick and hassle free production. The products are packaged recyclable and safe packaging containers and packets. These packages are also labelled for easy identification and detailed product information. The company keeps an inventory of all products in order to serve clients with bulk requirements at short notice. 

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